About Me

At home in Albury at Comedy In The Club (2018)

About Jade.

Born, bred and still residing in Albury Wodonga, Jade decided to take the plunge into comedy without telling anyone about it. At her very first gig (RAW 2016 – a national stand up competition) she found she enjoyed making people laugh off the cuff. What she said sat in the back of her mind for 6 months and then she did nothing with it. When the timing was right, and most of the constraints in her life were purged, she managed to find time to write and take comedy seriously.
In April 2017 (after doing 2 more sets since her RAW Comedy debut) she was selected to perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival competition “Comedy Out West”. This was the show that really kicked everything off for her. That door everyone talks about? Well that opened, and rando country mum just walked right in and got involved in the Melbourne comedy scene.
Jade still lives on the border and runs Off The Rails Comedy and Kiss My Artz Productions. She produces a regular comedy night called “Regional Rush Hour" at The Bended Elbow (Albury) as well as feature nights at St Ives (Wodonga) and other venues in the region. She performs across VIC. NSW and the ACT, and has been on the line up with comedians such as Dil’ruk Jayasinah (Have you been paying attention; Utopia), Gerladine Hickey (3RRR Breakfasters), Aaron Gocs (The Merger), Danielle Walker (Best Newcomer MICF 2018) and Ashley Fils-Aime (USA).
Some nice things that have been said about Jade:
“Jade can do smart comedy. When she can be a**ed” - Jade’s Mum
“Good job daughter. Dad is very proud” - Jade’s Dad
“That’s your fourth time on stage? You should really consider taking comedy seriously" - Lana Schwarcz – Actor, Comedian and Puppeteer (at Comedy Out West in 2017)
“Manic and uncontrolled in the Robin Williams mould” - The Adelaide Advertiser
(Also given the gong of Best New Comedy Talent from the Advertiser 2019)
Anyway, Jade’s style is like her mums cooking; a little bit of everything thrown together and super delicious. She enjoys kicking easy goals by picking low hanging fruit but also extends herself by humorously questioning social norms and mores and challenges assumptions in a way that doesn’t leave audiences feeling crushed by the pressing weight of their own existence.
The terms sardonic and nihilistic have been used. It sounds about right